The Best Running Socks (Ever)

Ok, that might be an exaggeration but having tried a lot of socks over the years, I settled on a brand and style that suited my needs. We all get the odd blister, might be due to toes rubbing together or badly fitting shoes, or maybe you like compression socks to help with recovery for the calf muscles.

Initially, I was looking for some compression sleeves to help with sore calf muscles and came across the Injinji Running Socks. The compression was pretty good but the more pleasing aspect was the toe feature. These socks always get comments from my fellow runners, but I can’t stop raving about the simple fact that I don’t get blisters between my toes anymore! Ever! I used to try all sorts 5K Run Training Injinji Socksof things to avoid blisters in previous runs but through the simple use of these toe socks I have had no more blisters! I generally just use the short Injinji Run model now as the longer compression socks take a bit of time to get on and now that I’m a mad foam roller fanatic, I don’t seem to suffer from sore calf muscles. I’ve race and run events from 3K track races through to long 30K hill runs in these socks and not a single problem. I’m not sponsored by Injinji and have never received anything for free from them so this is a complete honest review plugging a product that I simply love.

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Adidas Shoes You Have To Try To Believe

5K Run Training Socks and ShoesI’m a bit of a running shoe junkie and don’t mind trying out different shoes to see what suits me for training and racing. I’ve tried most brands in the eternal hunt for the perfect training and racing shoe. For racing shoes, I also like a different shoe for different distances. However, I’ve ended up using a single Adidas shoe, the Takumi Sen for all my racing (pictured here), from 3K through to Half Marathon. It’s super light and I’ve set all my personal records wearing them. (That’s my legs and feet wearing the Adidas Takumi Sens and Injinji Toe Socks pictured here!!)

But want I really wanted to share with you was that most recently, I’d been searching for a new training shoe as the old models of shoe I used to train in were retired. Finally, after trying a lot of brands again, I stumbled upon a running shoe sale at my local shop for Adidas, specifically the Ultra Boost. I had read some generic reviews online about these shoes, although you sometimes wonder if the person reviewing the shoe is being sponsored by the manufacturer. Anyway, I tried them on and my foot actually felt as though it was receiving a foot massage!! Well trying them on in the shop vs actually running in them is always the true test of whether they’ll actually work for you. This particular shop didn’t have a treadmill for trying out the shoes, which I always recommend, as a simple jog down the shopping aisle doesn’t give a true impression of how they’ll really feel. I’m pleased to report though that after training in them for a month now, they really are a comfortable trainer.

The only downside for me was that they are a little heavier than I’m used to but they were still flexible which is an important feature I look for. They did cope OK running off-road although if you hit a tree root or similar, you might experience a bit of medial slippage in the shoe, i.e. rotating sideways on your foot but nothing major and generally this happens in most shoes. I even ran a race in them off-road on the weekend which included sand dunes, shingle, dirt tracks and grass and they came through no problems. The sole on the shoe uses Continental rubber which grips really well and also seems to be lasting quite well. I can run a pair of shoes to death in 2 to 3 months so this is important to me (will provide an update once I’ve clocked up 800km). Also, I have suffered, in previous shoes, from slightly sore heels (due to some minor heel spurs) but these shoes seem to have the opposite effect, again, it’s like receiving a foot massage while running!! So far, I’ve done long runs, tempo/threshold work outs, intervals and a single race in them so feeling very pleased with the purchase. If you try them on and they suit your foot, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them for running in. Again, no sponsorship or free running shoes given to me by Adidas here, just really happy with the product and how it works for me so happy to share this with you!