Paul Johnston 5K Coach

Paul Johnston – Running Coach

Born in the 70’s, I had the privilege of being coached as a junior athlete in the 80’s by some of the best coaches and runners in Christchurch, New Zealand. Bj Kinelley and Ian MacDonald, great athletes in their own rights too. I then tried my hand at other great sports such as surfing, body-building, rugby, swimming and cycling. Along the way, I became an accredited rugby coach and then went on to become a junior running coach for my local running club Port Hills Athletic coaching athletes aged 5 to 18.

Part of the process of being a coach doesn’t necessarily involve trying all the training yourself but I was keen on getting better as an athlete myself, making sure any systems or frameworks implemented for the athletes I coached were achievable and sensible. After trying a lot of different approaches over a period of years, I came up with the simple framework you see here under the section TRAINING STRUCTURE.

Running Accomplishments

My running accomplishments are from recent years only. Unfortunately, historical records or lack of them from the 1980’s prevent me from looking up any times and results from then. These results are all recent and therefore relevant to the training structures presented.

Date Distance Time Comments
28-Jan-2014 5K Road Race 16:52 This is an event that my running club organised called the 5K Run Series. Very professionally run and measured with accurate measurements and race timing chips.
1-Jun-2014 10K Road Race 35:01 Ran the 10K as part of an overall event, the Christchurch Marathon. One of the coldest days I’ve ever run on, sub zero temperatures but the best race over 10K ever. Results at:
6-Jul-2014 Half Marathon 1:19:23 The best half marathon I’ve ever been involved with. Part of the overall Gold Coast Marathon events, fantastic conditions and a great holiday with my two boys who also ran this with me. Results at: