Why 5KRunTraining Exists

A Bit About Why 5KRunTraining Exists I've been a runner most of my life. There's a lot of conflicting information out there and more than often there's actually too much information!! What the heck should you be doing!! Lots of long distance running, speed work, strength training, special stretching, high altitude training, the list goes

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Cross Country Training & Racing for 5K Strength Gains

Cross country running is a tough form of running. Energy sapping running at it's best (or worst!!) often in muddy or sandy conditions, up small mounds or big hills. Sometimes the weather conditions are cold or wet and generally just all round challenging. To train for this form of running, you need to spend time

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Best Treadmills Reviews

One of the reasons you might purchase your own treadmill is to avoid having to train at the gym on potentially outdated, broken down treadmills that are supposed to be commercial grade. More often than not, the treadmills at gyms also have time limits on them or speed limiters meaning you can't get an appropriate run

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Preparing Your Running Training For A Long Period

When you've finished a large block of training, you need to reflect on what worked well and what didn't. This means you need to keep good records of what issues arose during the training period with fitness, health, training availability/interruptions, and ultimately the results of the training. It never hurts to experiment a little with your training

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Eating Your Own Dog Food

We have a saying in the computer software development industry of "eating your own dog food". Doesn't sound very pleasant but essentially it's about putting your money where your mouth is or using your own products and experiencing what everyone else has to use. The same should apply for running training. Unless you can say you've actually experienced

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How Important Is Your Running Form?

When training, running and racing, how important is your running form? You've all seen that runner who has great form and seems to effortlessly glide along. There's no mistake that a great running form not only looks great but more importantly, it can help improve your running times and reduce the risks of injury. What

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Can You Replace Runs With Swimming and Cycling?

An important part of being a runner is keeping a total for the number of miles/kilometres you run each week or your weekly mileage. The question I asked myself was "can you replace runs with swimming and cycling?", and if you can, what do they contribute to my weekly mileage total? The primary reasons for measuring your weekly mileage total:

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